OUR WORK AND OUR MOTIVATION IN 2017, From Christmas into the New Year

We have been to Bethlehem.  Like those in the first story, we at First Christian Church must
return to our lives by a “different” route!  Bethlehem has changed everything. I am
delighted we are beginning to publish our newsletter once again and I am grateful for
Marsha Smith taking up the challenge again as our Editor.  I want to briefly point to our
work together in 2017 and for the motivating vision and dynamics that I believe will guide
The work of Jesus’ disciples in the world is beautifully articulated by the great African
American teacher and preacher of the faith, Howard Thurman, in “The Mood of Christmas.”

      When the song of the angels is stilled,
      When the star is gone from the sky,
      When the kings and princes are home,
      When the shepherds are back with their flock….

      The work of Christmas begins.
              To find the lost,
              To heal the broken,
              To feed the hungry,
              To release the prisoner,
              To rebuild the nations,
              To bring peace among the people,
              To make music in the heart.

Third, let us create hope.  Let us resolve to live as signs of hope for peace and justice in a
world of crass self-interest and vulgar skepticism.  Planting seeds of hope, keeping hope
alive, nurturing hope will be a major work as we begin 2017.

I can think of nothing more important in the kind of world we are entering in 2017 than
these communities built on the very foundations of our faith.  “Now abides faith, hope and
love.  But the greatest of these is love.”   (St. Paul, 1 Corinthians 13)

Read from Rubem Alves, Chalice Hymnal, p. 653
Rev. Dr. Victor L. Hunter
Pastor, First Christian Church
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First Friends group for elementary students builds on
those foundations.  
Youth Groups for Middle-school
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Other gatherings, engaging the lives of people of all walks
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organizations serving human
need, offer faith and healing
participating in the Actively
supporting and life of the
Christian Church (Disciples of
Christ) in West Virginia and
partner ministries in the region
to bring new hope and
wholeness to God's children in
Joining with other Disciples
and Christians of many
traditions in the work of God's
reconciling and redeeming love
through missional giving and
"A Pretty Good Church"
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2016 Disciples
Men's Retreat
Oct. 2-4
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We remember our members who cannot
worship with us as often as they would
like.  Please pray for their encouragement
and well being: Anna Lee Emch, Eddie
Green, Don and Shirley Hyer, Junior
Ingold, Helen Loy, Dorothy McDougal,
Lloyd Miller, Sue Morris, Bob Myers, Scott
Richter, Ruth Stine, and Barbara Yoho,
Everett McDougal, Danny Ross, Rose
Dolan, Margaret Null, and Martha Moser.  
We are happy when they can join us but
want them to know they are not forgotten
when they can't.
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2016 Disciples
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Support Groups

  • First Light A Support program designed for individuals (confidential and supportive) considering
    and seeking entering into a program of addiction retreatment.
  • Gabriel Project Meeting babies and young families needs for support, diapers, clothes and baby
    care product, including cribs and car seats.
  • Support Group for Families Dealing with Addiction Meets the second and fourth Mondays of
    each month at 6:00pm.
  • Mental Health Support Groups
  • Senior Access Point
  • Depression and Anxiety Wednesdays at 1:00pm ~ Disciples Center For Human Wholeness ~
    515 Maple Ave., New Martinsville, WV
Our Sunday Night Bible Study meets each Sunday evening in our Fellowship Hall. We are doing group
Bible study in which everyone is incited to participate in the transformational study of getting in touch with
and listening to the stories in scripture and the stories of our own lives. Bible study begins at 6:30 p.m.
December 11,  ONE COMBINED SERVICE AT 10:00 a.m

Sunday, December 18, 10:45 a.m.  Special Christmas Contata with FCC Chancel Choir:  "PROMISED

December 24, 7:00 p.m.  Early Christmas Eve Candlelight Worship and Holy Communion

December 24, 11:00 p.m.  Christmas Eve Candlelight Worship and Holy Communion

December 25, Christmas Day:  ONE COMBINED SERVICE AT 10:00 a.m.

Please make plans now to attend these services.  All are invited and welcomed.
In Our Thoughts
This is an “ongoing” and “forever” kind of work.  As long as there are lost and lonely people, broken bodies, broken minds and broken spirits,
hunger, bondage, injustice, war and violence, as long as there is human suffering, the work of the Christ Mass goes on.  The word Mass simply
means mission.  And even as we live by faith we serve by mission.

I suggest we resolve to make the following dynamics drawn from the great triad of Christianity our motivating commitment in our work for
2017…for our work and our motivation turn out to be drawn from the same deep well of Christian spirituality and missison.

First, let us resolve to make love!  With one another.  With those who deeply need a loving presence in their lives.  To do the deeds of love, to
enflesh them in our individual lives and in the life of our congregation.

Second, let us make believe!  We need to keep dreaming and envisioning what might be.  To make believe is to sing the song of the future
and to enact its deeds where people have forgotten the power of faith in small communities of trust, good will, and the ability of little
children to imagine playfully and play the game of life imaginatively.  As we make believe, refusing to allow things “as they are” to determine
“how they will be,” we will make coalitions with all people of good will and a just vision.  And a very important part of this work is to continue
to provide sacred places and sacred times for the gathering of people.  Without these we will have become utterly secularized, and I believe
in being utterly secularized we will be bereft.