Vacation Bible
New Martinsville First Christian Church
Vacation Bible School 2013

Learn More About Kingdom Rock
A Day at Kingdom Rock
Get a sneak peak of Kingdom Rock
VBS in action as we follow a
Kingdom Crew around for a day.
Sing & Play Rock
Everyone begins the day together,
singing a fun mix of classic worship
songs and brand-new praise songs
Epic Bible Adventures
Kids experience the daily Bible
story in a surprising, unforgettable
way; then Kingdom Crews circle up
for thought-provoking life
application discussions
Chadder’s Royal
Theatre & Missions
a castle. Then kids dive into the
daily Bible Point on his adventure in
Bible to explore the day's Bible
verse through captivating activities
and life application discussions.
Tournament Games
through games that connect with
the daily Bible verse. These games
even give kids a deeper
understanding of their Operation
Kid-to-Kid™ mission project.

Meet The Kingdom Rock Court
Monday, June 17th, 2013 to Friday, June 21st, 2013
Time: 5:30pm - 8:30pm     Ages: Preschool to 4th Grade
    Crafts: Jackie Riggenbach
    Chadder's Theater & Missions: Kari McClure
    The King's Kitchen: Patty Barcus
    Tournament Games: Arlene Dantrasy & Sue Miller
    Epic Bible Adventures: Mathew & Donnie Riggenbach
    Fanfare Finale: Stacy Barcus
    Preschool Director: Angel Hickman
    Preschool Crafts & Chadder's Theater: Dot Wiley
    Preschool Games: Wendy Poole
    Registration: Wendy Poole

Crew Leaders
    Fawn Price:
    Marsha Smith:
    Heather Norton:
    Gary Phillips & Eva Eddy: Foxes

May, 15th @ 5:30pm

May, 28th @ 5:30pm

June, 11th @ 5:30pm

June, 15th @ 1:00pm

June, 16th @ 1:30pm