New Martinsville First Christian Church
Vacation Bible School 2016
Sing & Play Rock
Start the day together singing a fun
mix of classic worship songs and
brand-new praise songs.
Deep Bible Quests
Kids experience the Bible in wild
and wacky ways, and then they
circle up with climbing crews for
thought-provoking discussions.
KidVid Cinema
Kids watch films about real kids in
the real world living out their faith in
rally cool ways reminding all of
them that no matter what happens,
God's power will pull them through.
Tad's Preschool Pool
Speluker Sports & Games
Kids run, jump, and even splash
through games that connect with
the daily Bible verse.
Cavern Cafe
All the Crews comes together to eat
snacks that connect with that day's
Bible verse.
dropped off  in nursery